Guide to Gravity Forms and Paypal Feeds

In this post we outline the 5 main steps of creating a new form using Gravity Forms along with configuring a Paypal feed.

Step 1: Creating a new form in Gravity Forms

Firstly, make sure you have logged into wordpress. From the wordpress dashboard go to Forms then click Add New.

Once that is clicked you will get a pop-up with the Form Title and Form Description fields. Add a title for your new form and if you want, add a form description (this is optional). Then click Create Form to get started. (See screenshot below.)

Step 2: Adding a product to the form

We will now add a product to the form which we will use to setup Paypal later on. To do this we go to the Add Fields tab on the right under Pricing Fields and click Product. (See screenshot below)

Now that we have added the product field, click on it so we can edit the Field Settings. Here you can add the Product Name, Description, Type of product and Price etc. (see screenshot below)

Finally, we need to go back to the Add Fields tab, under Pricing Fields click Total to add the total price field which is needed to configure Paypal.

Once this is added, click Save Form on the top right and we can start configuring Paypal to this product.

Step 3: Configuring Paypal to the form

Once the form is saved and the product, total fields are added hover over Settings and click Paypal.

This should take you to the Paypal Feeds page. From here click Add New. (See screenshot below).

Start by adding a Name for your paypal feed and in the field underneath add your Paypal Email Address. The Mode should be Production and the Transaction Type of the product which is usually Products and Services or Subscription if you want a recurring payment. (See screenshot below).

Further down under Products & Services Settings make sure the option Form Total is selected.

And in Other Settings you can link other fields to the form we created earlier such as name, email address etc. And if you scroll towards the bottom there are 2 options which you may want to tick depending on the product you are adding. (see screenshot below)­­.

Once you have completed the above click Save Settings to create the feed.

Step 4: Changing notifications and confirmations on the Form

So far we have created a new form, and setup the paypal feed for the form. We can now change the notification and confirmation of the form.

To do this, go back to the form we created earlier, go to settings then Notifications and click Add New.

Add a Name for the new notification, the Event field should be set to Payment Completed meaning this notification will be sent once payment via paypal has been completed.

Then the Send to field should be set to Email, From name is your company name along with From email which is your company email.

Then further down Subject will be the subject of the notification when it’s sent and the content is added underneath. All this is on the screenshot below.

Once you are happy with this, click Update Notification.

Now we can edit the Confirmation of the form which is what is shown when the form is submitted by the user. To do this go to Settings of the form then Confirmations.

Click on Default Confirmation and here you can edit the text for the confirmation of the form and simply click Save Confirmation once you’re ready. (Screenshot below)

Step 5: Adding the form to a page or post

Our final step is to add our new form to a page or post in wordpress. To do this we need to take note of our Form ID as we will need this. The form ID is displayed when you click on Forms under the ID column. If you take a look at the screenshot below the Test form has an ID of 41, you should take note of the ID shown as it’s different for each form.

Once you have your ID noted head over to the page or post you want to add the form to. In the text editor you will need to add the shortcode for the form which is:

[gravityform id="41" name="Test Form" title="false" description="false"]

Make sure you change the 41 to the ID of your form which we noted earlier. You can also update the name to the form name you put for your form. (see screenshot below).

Then click Save and your form will be added to the page/post.