Adding and Editing custom Sidebar Menus in WordPress

Adding a sidebar menu: Login to your wordpress dashboard Click on “Apprearance > Menus” Once in the Menus section click on “Create new menu” Add a name for your menu. In this guide the name will be “Sidemenu Example” Once you have named your menu, start adding the items you want to appear in the menu and click “Save Menu”. Click on “Pages” and navigate to the page you want to add the sidebar menu to Once in the page click on “Screen Options” on the top and make sure “Custom Fields” is checked. Navigate to the “Custom Fields” section Read more

Instructions for Metafields in Shopify

Below are instructions on using Metafields in Shopify which is used to edit custom fields.   Steps: 1. Install the Shopify FD Chrome Extension. It’s free and you can get it from here: 2. Once installed, you’ll see this button in your chrome browser: 3. Head over to your Shopify admin area and go to the Product Editor page 4. Once in the Product Editor page click the ShopifyFD button and a new section will load like this:   5. Once you see this new section, you can add the metafields in the format of the word document we Read more