Working with custom fields in WordPress

At Web Wise, we use custom fields to allow our WordPress site owners to add rich data to their content.

Simply put, custom fields allow you to define a field name and value and attach it to a piece of content through your WordPress dashboard. It is our job then to make sure that data appears in the correct place in your theme design.

For example, many of our customers want to list “Events” on their website. A custom field associated with “Events” might be:

  • Event start date
  • Event end date
  • Event location
  • Event admission fee

Here is a screenshot showing how this data might look in WordPress using custom fields:

custom fields in WordPress

When we hand over a site to you, we will give you a list of the custom fields to include with each piece of content on your website.

As always, if you get stuck – just get in touch!

Can’t see custom fields on your editor page?

Make sure they are turned on in “Screen Options” at the top of the screen!

Further Reading:

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