Why don’t we offer ecommerce using WordPress?

We often get asked if we can work with WooCommerce, or more generally if we will create an online store using WordPress. Since we specialise in WordPress, it might seem logical to do so. But we don’t! And with good reason…

Whilst WordPress works fantastically as a brochure site platform, for advertising services and products, we believe it struggles to scale for e-commerce and can be quite clunky and awkward to use. One large user writes:

“The largest challenge for us is the delivery process. We started to scale the business with a WordPress website and various shopping cart and digital delivery tools, but something would always break.

When you have 43,000 transactions in a month, bandwidth, the reliability of the hosting, and shopping cart functionality really matter.

We left our WordPress platform and moved to Shopify and SendOwl.  Shopify and SendOwl have solved so many headaches. We can’t even tell you how many ways our sites used to break and the frustration we had before we changed to them.

They just work. And it’s a beautiful thing.”

– Taken from https://www.shopify.com/blog/17587420-how-one-couple-is-making-600-000-per-year-selling-digital-products


Even if you aren’t selling that many products, do you really want the hassle of security patches, hosting, IT support, email notifications / spam issues and so on? Give your customers the best experience by having a Shopify site built. And since the subscription fee is only $29 per month, it should be a no-brainer.