What you need to know about updating to WordPress 5.0 +

WordPress recently launched WordPress 5.0.┬áIt is a big release – with lots of new features, functionality and behind the scenes stuff.

In general, Web Wise customers shouldn’t notice too much difference to the way you log in and manage your website. With one big exception: the post editor.

Things look different…

WordPress 5.0 includes a completely revamped post editor which will look very different from the current one. When you go to edit a page or a post, you will notice things have moved around.

New layout choices

It might take some getting used to, but the new version has some amazing benefits. The biggest benefit is the ability to create “blocks” of content. This means that you can layout your text and images in more complex ways, never before seen in WordPress.

WordPress 5.0 Editor

Don’t like it? Install the ‘Classic Editor’

If you really don’t like the new editor and don’t want to spend the time getting used to it, you can install the “Classic Editor” plugin. This will make the editor page look like it did before 5.0 was released.


If in doubt, just contact Web Wise and we can help. Customers with a Web Wise Membership (support plan) will get their site updated by us automatically.