Should I update WordPress? Should I update WordPress plugins?

Over time, WordPress will need updating and so will the plugins you use. This will happen over time, as technology moves on and is improved – but, having out of date code on your site can be a security risk.

A warning

You do need to be very careful if you decide to update your WordPress system, as in some cases these changes can cause parts of your website to display incorrectly to your visitors.

The best way

The safest way to keep your site updated is to let us do it for you. Customers on a maintenance plan benefit from our experience with WordPress.

  1. We keep an eye on the plugins that should be updated, and those that can stay as they are.
  2. We also periodically update the core of WordPress – to make sure your site is safe.
  3. We’ll check your site to make sure it still works correctly and displays the same.

If you haven’t updated WordPress in a while, get in touch for a chat. A pro-active approach to website management is far better (and cheaper) than dealing with the aftermath of a hack or security failure!

Do it yourself

If you do decide you still want to do it yourself, there are plenty of guides around the web.

For example, you can read about “Plugin management” by clicking here.

or Read about updating WordPress here