Correct settings for sending emails from Gravity Forms

If you have self-managed hosting from Web Wise, and you don’t have a support plan, you’ll need to make sure you keep your settings up to date to ensure the contact forms on your website works correctly.

Important: How to ensure you don’t miss any form submissions

The correct settings

The four things to be aware of are:

1. The sending “from” address in Gravity forms. It should be an address on the domain in which the site is hosted, e.g for a form on


2. You should install a plugin, like WP-Mail-SMTP. The plugin settings will be something like this:

3. You need to set up some settings in your website hosting cpanel. Look for “registered mail ID”. This ensures your site only sends emails from mail addresses that you specify and prevents spam and blacklisting

4. A Captcha field on forms will prevent spam and the host blocking the site.