Adding and Editing custom Sidebar Menus in WordPress

Adding a sidebar menu:

  • Login to your wordpress dashboard
  • Click on “Apprearance > Menus”
  • Once in the Menus section click on “Create new menu”
  • Add a name for your menu. In this guide the name will be “Sidemenu Example”
  • Once you have named your menu, start adding the items you want to appear in the menu and click “Save Menu”.

  • Click on “Pages” and navigate to the page you want to add the sidebar menu to
  • Once in the page click on “Screen Options” on the top and make sure “Custom Fields” is checked.

  • Navigate to the “Custom Fields” section in the page editor
  • Click “Enter New”
  • In the first field type in “menu” all lowercase and in the next field type in the name you gave your menu. Make sure this is exactly identical as this field is case sensitive, like the screenshot below:

  • Click “Add Custom Field” to add this to your custom fields.
  • Click “Update” to update the page changes
  • View your page and the sidemenu should appear like this:

All Done!


Editing a sidebar menu:

If you want to edit the menu items and change the order follow these instructions:

  • Login to your wordpress dashboard
  • Navigate to “Appearance > Menus”
  • Select the menu you want to edit in the dropown and click “Select”

  • On the left panel you can find the items you want to add to your menu, and in the Menu Structure panel you can remove the items that are currently on there. To reorder the menu items you can simply drag the items in the order you want them to appear. After this make sure to click “Save Menu”

All Done!